Fable 3 modding?

Is there gonna be a modding tool for fable 3 by chance like to mod the money i was just wonderin???

We cant know yet, my son.

But seriously, we need to figure out how to hex it first


I cant even pre-order Fable III because Gamestop is a bunch of idiots who can’t get their **** working…

I go and sell a bunch of games for credit, and they sign me up for their Rewards Pro card and ASSURE me I can order the game online.

So I try ordering and nothing’s going through, so I call the hotline and they tell me that the online orders with the Rewards Pro cards ISN’T EVEN SET UP YET. So I’m basically screwed out of ordering Fable 3 until the 1st (When I get paid again)

It has a checksum, and it is encrypted I think or it has zlib. I was downloading right now.

Damn that sucks.

Your life story here was needed why?
Oh right, it wasn’t.

Fable3 three isnt that good.

You on Crack? Its amazing.

I didn’t like Fable 2 that much :confused:

^^posted that in another thread…

Post saves and I’ll take a look at the checksum.

unknown comes in for the save! (literally haha.)

Apparently some one had success by using the Mass Effect 2 Checksum fixer
Fable 3 money edit if possible

You don’t even need to mod your Fable 3 money. Just money glitch it before they fix it, if they do.

But then after the next update, people will (probably) be screwed. It’s ok to do the money glitch now, but what happens when the DLC is released later. I’ll play it again then, but I won’t want to have to go through making pies for hours again. So a mod tool would be a great solution for future use of the game.

Or you can buy a lot of houses and shops and be getting 80k money every 5mins like i do :thumbsup::thumbsup:

ive bought every single property currently available and make more money then i can spend now lol.

The guy in this forum modded the guild seals.