Fable 3 Money Dupe

Did anyoen do it? Is it possible for you to send me some cash if someone here did it? >.>

I was thinking this was a tut. Lol, If it was, it would definitely be on youtube :smiley:

I’ll post the tutorial if you want; I don’t have enough cash to do it let alone another controller…

Oh, just ask a friend for a controller or something.

Simple [But detailed version, Simpler version 3rd post down] (i’ve done it to test it out)
SO FAR: (works on TU 1 [Title Update 1])

1. To take advantage of this glitch, the process is fairly simple. All you need is an additional controller (Offline or Online account DOES NOT matter) for someone so they can jump right in to the main characters current game. This will then give the player an infinite amount of money to use in the game (999,999,999) plus all gifts that you can get in Fable III.

2. To do this, the person in charge of controller 1 needs to load their game. Grab the second controller, and log in to any offline profile, then use the start button to jump into the already loaded game.

3.From here, controller 1′s character must move to the whereabouts of controller 2′s character and press LB on controller 1 to send them gifts.

4. Controller 1′s character will then teleport to the Sanctuary, and upon arriving they should see a blue bag to their right. They must then deposit all their money in the blue bag and return to the main game.

5. Once controller 1′s character is back from the Sanctuary, press start on controller 2 to go to the Sanctuary and walk over the the blue bag of gifts given by controller 1. But here is the important part, when the controller checks the gift — REJECT IT.

6. Go back to the game and Leave by pressing the DOWN-D-Pad while facing controller 1. Press Start to go back again.

7.Switch to controller 1 and check the gifts pedestal given by controller number 2. This should give you the money/gifts etc you need and you can repeat this to get you to the maximum amount of 999,999,999 Gold. But be aware, if you exceed this amount, the game will freeze.

Sounds Complicated:thumbsup:

It sounded way to simple.

might have sounded complicated because of too much to read perhaps?
hows this:

1. Load main character [Controller 1]

2. Press start controller 2 and Log in (offline/online account)

3. Controller 1 gifts Money/Items/Gifts, to Controller 2.

4.[/b] Controller 2 to Goes to Sanctuary and REJECTS all gifts, Press B after-wards.

5. Controller 1, Face Controller 2 (in-game) to boot Controller 2.

6. REPEAT Steps 2-5.

THAT cant be anymore simpler

ha ha unless you just hex it as i did :smile: much faster

how do u do that can someone make a vid on how to hxd edit money on this game

are you serious ? its literally changing 1 value…

Yea Post The Tut Please. :smiley:


The tutorial is above - oh and to add on to the whole Hex editing thing… It’s impossible to hex edit as I was told it’s compressed or w.e… Read it on xbox content.com.

here is a super in depth way, kinda, reading it it sounds complicated but its not. it’s really slow at first but builds up extremely quick…have fun :smile:


in case you didnt read, a tutorial was already posted. (2 versions to be exact, one in depth way, and a very simplified way)

its possible, there is already a program to decompress it.

but there is no program to rewrite the checksum.

oh ye… lol.

I Found a great video to go with it.
YouTube - Fable 3 Gift Exploit