Fable 3 - Spawn your own legendary weapons!

Alright, so I got to the point where I could unlock the chest in your awards room from the sanctuary. You basically make a bunch of new profiles and open the same chest over and over to randomly generate 1 rare weapon per profile. You then use two controllers to gift the weapons to your main account.

*If you want a chance at a new and unique weapon every time, you must create a new offline profile for each time you open the chest

**I have tested multiple new profiles and once in a while I will get a duplicate weapon, just keep trying and you’ll get something new

*Repeat step 3 for each profile you created. Dragging the hero save into the games folder over and over for each profile

  1. Sign out of your profile on the xbox. Hit the guide button and select “Create Profile”.
    Name it, and save it to a device that you can hook up to Horizon. The more profiles you create here, the more legendary weapons you will receive.

  2. Download my save here.

*3. Open Horizon, open the device explorer, and drag my hero save into the Games folder.
A box will pop up asking you which profile you want to use it with. Select the new profile you just created.

  1. Start up Fable 3, sign in as your new profile, then load up your game.
    When the game loads, hit Start to go to the Sanctuary, then hit Right on the D-Pad to go to the award room. If there is gold on the floor blocking the path, transfer it to the treasury through the ledger. Open the chest for your prize.

  2. After receiving your weapon and tattoos, save the game. Now sign in your main profile on another controller, hit start so you join the game. Have your new profile gift the weapon to your main profile by hitting Left Bumper.

  3. On your main character, go to the sanctuary and open your gift, save the game.

  4. ???

  5. Enjoy

I also have a save set up to glitch infinite Guild Seals to a main account using two controllers. If I get enough votes on the poll requesting it, I will upload it along with a tutorial on how to use it.

If you need any help feel free to post below or send me a PM.

personally i would love this

just tried your save and it told me that it was corrupted

Let me see if I can still get it to work. If not I will fix it and re-upload.

Yeah it said corrupted -___-

yup its still says corrupted …

I already had inf guild seals and money from an earlier glitch (probably the first week the game came out) but never knew about this. Very cool.