Fable 3 Tricks/Mods/Exploits

I know its kind of early considering the game was just released yesterday but i was wondering if anyone knew any Tricks/Mods/Exploits that they could post here :thumbsup:?

I believe this thread may be of some use to you.
Post number five contains the tutorial, it may be a bit complicated, but it’s something.
The link is provided below, Good luck! :smiley:


Hahah yeah already saw it,

lol yea too bad you didnt go back and re read the other posts. lol
and seeing how there was a post already about this and you knew about it…why create a unnecessary “double” post? just asking

should be closed.

Um sorry but that thread was about a money dupe only, this thread is meant to be a source of any mods/exploits/tricks once people find them, and is not a double post…

taking advantage of a glitch to benefit ones-self and/or others IS an exploit thank you :smile: (and a trick in a sense)

Did i say it wasnt…once again this thread is supposed to be a place for people to add any thing the find or have heard of im not making a thread asking specifically how to dupe money.

Exploits in a a game? lol’d

Ah understood.

However thats the only one (so far)

You can dupe items the same way as money, useful for keeping your Legendary weapons when trading for the achievement :smiley::thumbsup:

yea, thats what the post that Odin posted, it wasn’t JUST for money, it was for potions and weapons as well.

You should really just post the mods or tricks or exploits you find in here as an edit dude.