Fable II - Save Not Loading (Modded)

Hello Everyone I’m new to Wemod and im having issues with one of my Games.

Every Time i’ve used horizon to mod my fable two save, after saving in either Westcliff, Bloodstone, or brightwood. The Save will freeze and crash my whole Xbox while loading. I thought the money was the issue, so i reduced it, no go. Tried to fix my title ID which was all 00’s, didn’t work, am new to Hex Edits too. If anyone has a solution please let me know.

For More Help I’ve posted my Save here too

Edit: I’ve tried all advice from Fable 2 freezing after i save!? & unfortunately, none of it worked(Decreasing Gold, etc)
Also Moved to Support section, hope I can get help soon

Thanks in advance,

Hero000.rar (1.5 MB)


screen shot ?

Please don’t bumb the Thread 2 hours after you made it. Not helping.
Also not sure if you will get help. There are only 2 devs for Horizon left and they’re not very active on it (From what I’ve heard) Also it’s very old. Since nothing from the other thread helped you I personally don’t know what else could be the problem other than you put some wrong values in.

@westhegreat A screenshot of what? The XBOX freezing?

How did the title id become zeroes?

Have you tried to mod a newly save?

I’ve been through several Fable 2 Saves, and all of those are in correlation to my 1st save which has 0s as its title I’d. My broken saves are stored on my PC while I make a new save and then I’ll mod it today to see if it gets frozen again

Tbh, I’d never ever had a thought that the title I’d being 0s can eventually break saves, I don’t know hex editing so I uploaded my save to see if someone could perhaps see what I did wrong. I changed the 360 offset to the correct title I’d, but file size doubled and to the right instead of … It became MS…ñ… And doubled file size, until I resigned, when it became 2mb again

It would only happen after I Do Brightwood Tower and save in brightwood, save in westcliff, or newly save in Bloodstone. After saving in all 3 locations, it’ll freeze and never load my save