Fable Legends ★ Windows 10 & Xbox One TRAILER!

I feel like i’ve played this game already and it’s not even out yet.

you know i don’t know what to say about this Fable it seems like its a little to much IMO and I feel like i don’t see that normal Fable where I wanna choose if i wanna be a EVIL BADA** or a awesome hero like i wanna be and plus i feel like its gonna really on mulitplayer alot and not be able to play single player alot

i played fable 3 on 360 and it was pretty fun, hope this is like that one

So, what is this? The 4th terrible Fable game and the 3rd that is not an open world RPG?
They really should just stick a knife in the series since they really have no idea what made people enjoy the Fable series anymore.

Fable 2 was the highlight of the series in my opinion. They tried to make 3 too much like 2 and it just wasn’t the same.


Didn’t help Fable 3 that the UI was terrible, John Cleese being a talking ad, over-simplistic combat, terrible voice acting for the protagonist, and a myriad of other factors to really make that the worst of the trilogy.

Then there’s the abominations known as Fable: Heroes and Fable: The Journey, so this new one fits nicely with those (sarcasm).

I would really like to see a new Fable RPG that tries to be innovative instead of just a game with the Fable moniker piggy backing off the latest gimmick (Kinect for Journey and the whole 4v1 gameplay for Legends).