Fae Farm Cheats and Trainer for Steam

@LiaSue That is normal and makes sense. When you change the speed of the game, you’re changing the speed of everything in the game. You might be misunderstanding what “Game Speed” is. It’s not related to the game clock, but the whole game speed. Think about it as if you were speeding up or slowing down a video. A low amount will make everything happen slowly, and speeding it up will make everything happen much faster.

I usually only know that time runs more slowly. I still understand that if you speed it up, things get done faster. But I don’t understand that it also affects the running speed in a negative way. I don’t know this from any mod either.

The movement speed isn’t being changed nor affected. All you’re seeing is the movement happen slowly because the game is being slowed down. The Player moving is a part of the game, and the game is slowed down. As I said, go to any Youtube video and change the speed to 0.5. You’ll see how everything moves at half the speed, it’s the same with the Game Speed here.

is it out of water error, if so then try upgrade ur watering can see if it fix

Hi please add exp multiplier on tools for fast levels plss ty

thats awesome, I managed to get the unlimited watering can to work once i add the non steam game to my library… i love it, its such an additive game

I hope you add the ability to make fishing …easier. Like, insta catch fish or something. The fishing in this game is abysmal. It hurts my hands (hand disability here).

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Im currently ran into a problem with the “set slot 1 amount” mod. It looks like none of the items I generate from that slot will go into storage.

I was hoping you could fix the infinite water mod. I used it and now I have no water and it won’t refill. Even if I play the game without wemod it still doesn’t work. I also tried the temporary stat fix mod and it fixed my other stats but not the water can. It didn’t work when I had the regular watering can then when I upgraded to copper it started working then I upgraded again to iron and it stopped working again.

Hello! I purchased the game through Epic… Are there any plans to make the cheats available for Epic as well? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Is there any other update on the infinite watering can mod. I literally can’t progress through the main story line without it getting fixed because I have to water my crops because I need them to finish one of the main quests. Right now I can’t water anything because my watering can is always empty and won’t fill up.

Have you found a solution to this yet? My watering can is still broken.

@PastorWindu Try now. Keep the “Temporary Stats Fix” mod deactivated. Load into the game normally, and when you’re in the world and on your farm, activate the mod. Then go into your house. Once loaded inside, you can deactivate the mod, and the watering can should be fixed.

That didn’t work. I tried activating it on the farm then going into the house and deactivating it, then I tried it the opposite and tried having it deactivated on the farm then going back into the house and activating it then going back out onto the farm. That didn’t work either. I really don’t know what is wrong. Did I do something wrong?

Thank you so much for these cheats

Reporting a bug. I activated the mod for money and there’s no way to cancel it. I set it back to zero. Every time i start the game now, it bumps up the count by 2k or so. This ruins one of the features that I enjoy about the game. Is there any way to fix this?

Mods for Fae Farm do not load since the new update on September 21, 2023.

Is anyone else randomly getting sent to a different building when going through the dungeon levels? It keeps happening whenever I have the WeMod active, it’s getting to be really frustrating. I’ve tried not having anything active and just having the cheat engine linked to the game and it’s still happening. Or is it a bug in the game itself? I didn’t see it happening without the trainer.

This is one of my favourite trainers, but I would like to give you the suggestions, if you don’t mind!

What if you could add unlimited items, summoning function of items for the game play, crafting things from the void and Miasma endurance?? I’m sure those would be useful! Thanks so much <3