Failed To Authorized Disc And Have Some Questions. REPLY ASAP

Hi Guys, I just bought my Xbox 360 E and all the games were working fine but when I inserted Fifa after like 15 minutes the message came " Failed to authorize disc " and then the console shut down. Then I bought 2 more Fifa cd’s and the same thing happened, both with Fifa 14 and 15. So is there any way to solve this problem, my xbox is modified, jtag or whatever they call it. Did the xbox detect the games were not original so gave the error messages ? And if pirated Fifa won’t work then can original CD games work on Jtag Modifies Xbox 360 E ?
Thank You (I’m new and don’t know much about all this so help is appreciated)

Modified? If it is a JTAG then that is a pity, seeing as you obviously have no idea what in the hell you are doing. You should have just flashed a normal xbox.

Anyways update your dashboard to the latest version. I don’t know what the current dashboard version is, but here is a tutorial.

Well I did say I’m new and don’t have any knowledge of all this, no need to react like this. I asked a question and just need a simple answer

I know. My point is that it is like giving a new driver a corvette to start out with. You aren’t suppose to start out near the top, as then questions like this occur. To each their own however, if that is how you enjoy learning, then more power to you. I hope you have fun with your Jtag.

Also if you are still experiencing issues even after being on the latest dashboard, I would advise you to play the game straight from your hard drive rather than a disc, as your burning method might not be working as expected due to security software.

play a music on a flash drive and run the game

inistall the game play a music on a flash drive and run the game

install the game play a music on a flash drive and run the game