"Failed to connect to Server"

Hey Guys, I bought Horizon Diamond with the intent to mod Forza and have not been able to get online with Horizon.
When I start it up it says “failed to connect” follow by "running in offline mode. I have read all fixes and none of them seem to work, I have disable my firewall, and run as administrator and from what I understand my computer does not have any virus protection. Can somebody please help me!

Try downloading it from this link & reinstalling it.


Im having the same problem. I still cant get Horizon to connect to the server. Ive tried turning off the fire wall & adding it as an acceptation. Ive turned off my AVG Anti-virus. Nothing seems to work. I’ve completely uninstalled it, and reinstalled it several times. Im using the most up to date horizon ( I’ve been using horizon for over 2 years now on this PC with no issues, but now nothing will let me connect with it. If anyone knows what could be wrong, your help is appreciated.

I’m so pissed. I can’t connect. I have done everything. Can someone please help me.

Have you tried uninstalling Horizon and re-installing it after downloading from this link?

Also try disabling your anti-virus while using Horizon and/or adding it to exceptions.

Also try running as administrator

I’ve tried all of it. I even uninstalled Macfee, disabled firewall, etc.

Have you checked windows defender or windows firewall?

Also check if Windows is updated, this has caused many issues in the past.

Can someone teamview with me?

Its my computer, I downloaded it to my work computer and it worked WTF

Can someone do TeamViewer and help a brother out?

Yes I will Teamview with you, I just seen your Private Message as well.

why do u need diamond?

Diamond members pay for the diamond features. And you cannot access them in “offline mode”.

when is good?

[quote=“Nick, post:8, topic:6645”]
heck if

I have the same problem so can i do team viewer with someone too

same with me , it says ’ Failed To Connect To The Server !’