Failed to download. (3 versions)

I have tried to install infinity, both the version on the front page and from the amazon storage. When I download from amazon storage it will not let me. It says that the site can’t be reached.

The front page version: I get to about 4% then I get failed to download :frowning:

Version 3: I get the same problem as the front page. But there it stops at 99%.
What I have tried:
Fresh install of chrome and tried. Tried in Firefox, IE, (All with both on and off AV and Firewall).

My specs:
Windows 10 64-bit version. Latest chrome and all my drivers are up to date.

I am starting to think it is something wrong with the server. Anyone else got the same problem and found a way around?

Is this the one you’re trying?

That one doesn’t connect to the server. It’s the full package.