Failed to Download

Whenever I follow the directions here,

and try to download the file directly from, I get this error.

I have disabled my windows defender and I still have the same issue. I have even tried using a vpn and multiple ISP’s and I have the same issue on all of them.

Are you on a network that is managed by someone else such as a university or local school district? That is the only other reason I can think of that the link wouldn’t work.

I am currently but I am also in charge of the firewall. All ports and protocols are allowed on my machine. I have disabled all anti-virus on my machine and have even tried using my cell phone hotspot.

Your educational institution has an extra layer of security on their network that you have no control over. A couple of others had the same issue recently with their institution. Their issues were resolved by using a VPN or by downloading WeMod in a different WiFi location (ie a friend’s house or restaurant).

Try the Opera browser before considering buying a premium VPN. Opera has a VPN built in, but whether it’s effective enough or not I have no experience with.

No extra layer here. I have total control from cloud to end user. Either way, it would be nice if there was a list of ip’s, ports, protocols that are used so I can make exceptions for the tool. Thanks anyways. Appreciate the help. Just can’t use the tool on my gaming machine I guess since I can’t install any trainers without internet connection. Bummer.

Well your a real " old timer " 9 years. Nice ! Gotta be probably something simple blocking it from downloading

Yeah I used to mod and hack games way back when in the iso mod and rgh/jtag days.

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