Failed To install the .net framework, try installing the latest version manually

I tried to install we mod (and yes i disactivated ALL my antivirus) and it says " Installation has failed. Failed to install the .NET Framework, try installing the latest version manually
Please help

Download and install .net framework 4.7.2 from MS then rerun the WeMod installer.

I’ll try, thank you

I download it from ms but it says that .Net framework 4.7.2 isn’t supported on this operating sistem and i have windows 10

You need to install all the updates for Windows 10 then. It requires at minimum the fall content creator update.

How do i update it, i got the 2015 one

But wait i got the cracked one, will it work too?

Probably not but I wouldn’t know because Windows 10 was free for 2 years after the launch.

no i can’t update it, how can i do? xd

Buy a copy of windows 10 or pull your key from an old computer on windows 7 or 8.

How much does it cost? And where can i buy it?

Upgrade should still be free, you just need to reinstall from iso. What I do is I buy $5 windows 7 keys from ebay and use them to activate windows 10.

What do “reinstall from iso” means?

use this

When there was Infinity, before they upgrade it to wemod there was no problem .-.

They changed to a more up-to-date framework. Stop using cracked windows.

Ok now, i have a cracked version of windows 10 and i have a “false” activation key. If i buy a key from amazon (i just checked and it cost 4$) and i change the activation key, would it let me update normally like a “non-cracked” windows?

Just reinstall.

hey chris, i’m having the same issue with .net. I’m all set with updates, and i downloaded the latest .NET… I am on windows 10