Failed to install

Hello everyone, well my problem is that im trying to install WeMod on my laptop (win 8 x64 Pro) and says that Netframework 4.7.1 is required but when im trying to install net. 4.7.1 says my OS is compatible with that framework… any suggestion for this? thanks in advance… grettings

You need at least win 8.1 for .NET 4.7.1

theres no other way (version of WeMod) i can install it??

WeMod requires .net framework 4.7.1+ for key features so there is no other way to install it other than to upgrade windows to 8.1 which is free.

thanks for the reply (y)

What if you’re using Intel? I can’t update to windows 10.

Why can’t you upgrade to Windows 10? Unless your processor is like 15 years old it will work with windows 10.

I’m running Intel HD Graphics 4000, which just straight block me from downloading wemod

‘This device isn’t compatible in Windows 10. Contact the manufacturer for more info.’
'Intel® HD Graphics 4000

(Intel Corporation)

You’ll have problems with your display in Windows 10.’

You need to manually install the drivers for HD Graphics if you are on Ivy Bridge.

I’ve honestly no idea how to do such, I’m pretty computer illiterate.