Failed to Start Game

I consistently get the same message popping up on my screen about infinity having trouble fstartting or finding my opened game.

I have appointed it to the EXE file (From Steam non crack), but do not see any better results. When i start the game manually from steam, everything comes up like normal. When i hit play again, i get a check mark saying that it has at least initiated in doing something. When i toggle a cheat, it will stay on for a few moments (although having no affect on the game itself), and then switch back off again.

Any advice?

(I have also tried clearing cache, reinstalled the game, reinstalling infinity, and rebooting my machine. I also do not have an antivirus or anything that would block any kind of access to it.)

What game?
That’s the most important information that you missed out on.

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the game is deadrising 2. Can not believe i forgot that part. :laughing: