Fake Microsoft Email? Scam!? Fraud!?! HELP!?!?

I received an Email from MSFT *XBOX LIVE. The Email says

We have recently attempted to charge your Gold – 12 Month service to the credit card on file for your account. Please accept this reminder that your credit card has passed its expiration date and needs to be updated.

Here is the full Email.

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When I go to Xbox.com and go to Account Management and look at my renewal date it says 6/23/13 and when I look at my credit card its not expired according to the date.

Also the Email is directing me to this link. https://billing.microsoft.com/ So I can check pricing details, and to confirm my account information and payment options. But it looks extremely sketchy.

Anyway I just need some guidance and clarification on all this. I personally think this is a Phishing scam but I may be wrong.

Help is greatly Appreciated

Thank You.

What email was the email sent from?

I just looked in my friends email and saw the same thing…

His was from a failed 800 points purchase


That link is legit.

So its not a scam.

MSFT seems fishy i’ve never seen them use that before.

But, but, but… What if my credit card is not expired? What if Xbox.com says “next renewal date 6/23/13” That at least means that Xbox Successfully renewed my membership. So therefore my credit card is not expired.

This, it ask me to verify my computer because it is unrecognized. If you aren’t sure just go to microsoft.com then find the billing link.

he means the actual email, like microsoft@live.com for example.

I know! that’s what I thought, Something xbox how it looks as well. Its just phishy.

Interesting… I googled "MSFT *XBOX LIVE and I found this article. Msft *xbox Live Bill.xbox.com Wa - Josh Benson

The article is a little different form the situation I have but its still really weird.

Oh… Sorry. the Email is billing@microsoft.com

I’m guessing this is legit.

Yeah, it seems fine but right click the link and select ‘Copy link address’, and paste it into your browser to see if the link is actually to Microsoft. The link could just look like that, even though it’s really not.