Fallout 3 downloadable game code (Xbox 360)

Got a code for pre ordering Fallout 4, not going to use it considering I already have Fallout 3 on disc. So I figured I’d give it away


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End date: 7/22/15 9:50pm EST

Enter here: http://yourgamercard.net/horizonmb/contests/4I7S

Is this just the basic game with no DLC or is it the full game with dlc?

I’m pretty sure it’s just the base game

Thanks broseph

Thanks my Bat-homie! I will be entering when the time is right.

All the DLC is available in DRM free versions, easily addable with Horizon. If you win just ask me for the link to it and you’re good!

Just noticed it ends on my B-Day… I better win this.

Thanks for this! Good luck guys!

I already have the game on disc but thanks for the giveaway batman!

Entered! Thanks man!

Probably the best giveaway so far. :smiley:

It’s a great giveaway, but I don’t know about the best.

This is the best one I can remember.

thanks entered

I already have this but just wanted to say thanks for doing this for the community, what a top bloke…

Awesome Giveaway!

Only a tiny bit longer left, enter if you have yet to do so :smile:

Congratulations JuggaloToxic, I’ll send you the code shortly! :smile: