Fallout 3 game/character editor

I see that there’s an oblivion editor where you can adjust your characters stats and attributes. Which is very helpful considering the weird leveling in oblivion. But I was wondering if they could do that for fallout 3? Like have a meter where we can adjust the number of each skill and upstage our S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats as well. Just and idea. Always thought it would be so awesome to have a tool for fallout 3 and new Vegas in the 360 like that.

I used to use a tool but i think the Dev took down the editor for some reason so i guess just keep looking

The link was gone and nobody i knew had it so good luck

If Fallout 3 game saves work similar to Skyrim, as in being able to take one off the 360, convert it for PC and then mod it and convert it back for the 360. Then someone may be willing to edit your save through console like we do for Skyrim.
I might re-install Fallout 3 so feel free to send me a PM with a game save that you want modded specifically (if it’s a long list please search up the console commands for me otherwise I won’t bother). Not saying I would get to it immediately but if you wait a week I could definitely try to get to it.

Thank for the feedback guys, I guess I’ll just keep looking for editors or just convert it to pc and mod it myself. It would be best for horizon to add that in though. Thanks anyways!

cool :grinning: