Fallout 3 Mod Tool?

Anybody know of a mod tool for the xbox 360?

I really don’t feel like buying VIP for Modio…


Any more? I get an error.

These “mods” are easy and free to do, requiring only a software application and tools to open the Xbox 360 console’s case. Modding your Xbox console requires only about an hour of your time. It will require you to download a BIN flashing program onto the hard drive of your computer.

It’s a shame zeropair.com isn’t working for you. Those guys have the best Fallout 3 and New Vegas tools around in my opinion.

Check out my link man. It has the 3.0 mod tool and really awesome modded saves :thumbsup:


Actually disregard that comment :laughing: I just now realized you said FALLOUT 3 not New Vegas :confused: my bad

I have NV too. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you tell me what you want modded/added I can do it for you when I get home. You’ll just have to send me your save.

I have a modding tool for New Vegas but I’m searching for a modding tool for Fallout 3. Only one that you can max your skills and special, plus swap out gear . Anybody know of any?

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