Fallout 3 PC Save Editor

Cant find any tool nor a tut on how to edit it via HxD.
Edit: Console commands dont work for me for some reason.

How do the console commands not work for you? Are you sure you put the code in right and everything?

Ive tried about all of these.

God mode, infinite ammo, and infinite weight capacity	tgm
No clipping mode	tcl
All mapmarkers	tmm1
Disable enemy combat AI	tcai
Kill selected target	Kill
Kill everyone in area	Killall
Toggle fog of war	tfow
Toggle debug display	tdt
Toggle AI	tai
Teleport to room with all items	coc testqaitems
Toggle free camera mode	tfc
Toggle HUD	tm
Teleport back to game	coc megatoncommonhouse
Get indicated number of Caps	player.additem 000000F [number]
Spawn indicated number of items in % condition	player.additem [item code], [number], [condition 1-100]
Spawn indicated number of persons or objects	player.placeatme [object code], [number], [x axis], [y axis]
Remove indicated item, person or object	player.removeitem [object or item code], [number]
Get indicated perk	player.addperk [perk code]
Remove indicated perk	player.removeperk [perk code]
Get indicated aid or perk effect	player.addspell [perk or aid code]
Give player ownership of selected item	Setownership
Set player level	player.setlevel [number]
Move to indicated NPC	player.moveto [NPC ID]
Add indicated number of experience points	rewardXP [number]
Add indicated number of Karma points	rewardKarma [number]
Add indicated number of Tag Skill Points	addtagskills [number]
Add indicated number of points to your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats	modpca [attribute] [number]
Add indicated number of points to your skills	modpcs [skill name] [number]
Add indicated number of Special Points	addspecialpoints [number]
Set Special Points	setspecialpoints [number]
Set ability (sneak, barter, etc.) score	player.setAV [ability] [number]
Set skill values	player.ForceAV [number]
Permanently set number of action points	player.setav actionpoints [number]
Set percentage of physical damage absorbed by player	player.setav damageresist [1-85]
Set percentage of radiation absorbed by player	player.setav radresist [1-85]
Set percentage of poison damage absorbed by player	player.setav poisonresist [0-100]
Set percentage of fire damage absorbed by player	player.setav fireresist [0-100]
Set melee damage done by player	player.setav meleedamage [number]
Set unarmed damage; must have no weapons equipped	player.setav unarmeddamage [number]
Set chance to score a critical hit	player.setav critchance [0-100]
Set weight limit	setgs fAVDCarryWeightsBase [number]
Set strength multiplier for weight limit	setgs fAVDCarryWeightMult [number]
Set maximum carrying weight	player.setAV carryweight [number]
Set jump height; default is 64	setgs fJumpHeightMin [number]
Set run speed; default is 4	setgs fMoveRunMult [number]
Fully heal player or selected NPC	Resethealth
Set maximum level obtainable through experience gain	setgs iMaxCharacterLevel [level number]
Can wear Brotherhood Of Steel armor without training	SetPCCanUsePowerArmor 1
Age or de-age targeted character	agerace [1 or -1]
Age or de-age yourself	player.agerace [1 or -1]
Equip existing item in selected target's inventory	EquipItem [item code]
Un-equip existing item in selected target's inventory	UnEquipItem [item code]
Disable all mines	disableallmines
Remove all weapons and clothes from target	Removeallitems
Resurrect dead target	resurrect
Get information on the selected target's value	GetAVInfo [actor value]
Match geometry of an NPCs face	Player.MatchFaceGeometry [number]
Purge cell buffer; frees memory and may increase performance	pcb
Selects an object; use PRID player to select yourself	PRID [name]
Set how much an NPC has to trade with	SetBarterGold [number]
Set name of selected NPC	setactorfullname "[first name] [last name]"
Set your character's name	player.setactorfull name "[first name] [last name]"
Teleport to quest's target location	movetoqt [optional quest ID]
All items for current quest	GetQC
Complete objectives for current quest	CompleteAllObjectives or CompleteQuest
Complete current quest	GetQuestCompleted
Reset current quest	ResetQuest
Toggle Power Armor use	setpccanusepowerarmor [0 or 1]
Sets Tag Skill Points	settagskills [number]
Modifies player's desired skill	player.modav [skill name] [number]
Permanently set player's maximum HP	player.modav health [number]
Turn back into child	SetPCYoung
Change size of selected object or NPC; default is 1	setscale [-10 to 10]
Change player size; 1 = large, -1 =normal	player.modScale [-1 or 1]
Modify your characters appearance again	showracemenu
Change your name	ShowNameMenu
Change gender	SexChange
Gain one level	getXPfornextlevel or advlevel
Remove player from all factions	removefromallfactions
Move during intermission sequences	EnablePlayerControls
Unlock selected lock or terminals	unlock
Activate last locked door needed to be opened from another place	activate
Disable mines	DisableAllMines
List all items you have	player.showinventory
Sets an NPC as essential (unkillable)	SetEssential [NPC ID] 1
Dogmeat is marked as unkillable	setessential 6a772 1
Display file with all objects and their ID Form codes (unique for each save)	save fred 1
Set game speed	set timescale to [number]
View ending	exit vats
Save with a custom save name	save [filename]
Load saved game	load [filename]
Immediately quit game	QQQ
List all console commands	help

Hmm I do not believe there is a PC mod tool because they have console commands. Although you could mod try to convert your save to 360 and then mod it and then convert it back to PC.

Go here.

Better than ANY mod tool :wink: also download the G.E.C.K to make your own mods :wink:

The ‘G.E.C.K’ was made by Bethesda for PC gamers to make their own things in Fallout.

i have the goty version and the ~ doesnt open the command line.

Thread’s 4 years old :(. Should have just made a new one!
But, http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout_3_console_commands
The .ini files part should solve your issue, same thing occurred to me with Fallout 3 + Borderlands.

Jfc just got an email from this thread. Crazy to see how much everything has changed but good to see people don’t check the date of the last post.

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