Fallout 3 xbox 360 modded save request

Hello, my name is Ashley. This is my first post on here and am looking all around the net for someone to mod a save for me x]

Before anything i must say, ive dowloaded a few mods and they would have max skills but still be at lvl 1-5 and when i lvl up in the game I cannot upgrade aything due to my maxed skills. Meaning I can’t leave the lvl up screen so if you could change these mods so i won’t run into that i would actually be able to play fallout x]

I don’t have jtag or any of the sort.
I do have all the dlc for fallout 3

If you are as excited as me to be able to mod all i want in a fallout 3 mod is-

-A new start- like…no quests done outside of the vault or suuuper few x]
-To be a dude character - (the girls run like panzies)
-an unreakable sniper rifle
-an unbreakable silnced pistol that will kill a raider in one headshot
-an instakill trench knife
-30 max health
-120 max crry weight
-follower companons have max heath of 50,
(still being able to get all of them with the mr. gutzy exploit)
-grenades to be realistically strong lol

Not necessary buuut

What would be really cool would be packs of ghuouls in the wasteland…
like ZOMMBIES :3
More raiders/raiderdogs/molerats/dogs if more enemeis is even possible.

I hate just throw all tht at you on the first post but im super excited to play fallout again x] idk if all that is too much to ask then please at least refer me to a tool online…i don’t have the pc for fallout. Thanks for Anything ^_^|/,

I am also a fan of Fallout but I play it on my RGH so I can use certain ported mods to make the game more fun. Anyways before I got my modded console this is the save I used. If you don’t know how to rehash and resign feel free to PM me and I will do it for you.


I made this save from the start just before you leave the vault so you can play through
When you leave the vault you can change the player but DON’T touch the stats as it will mess them up.

Look in the foot lockers for all items.

Password: xpgamesaves.com

Directions for use:
Re-Hash and Re-Sign to your profile using60 Revolution, Horizon, 360 Revolution or a similar program
Then inject the save onto your USB memory Stick or directly on to your Xbox 360 hard drive.
This Save Includes.
All Equipment
All Non Quest Perks
Max Skills
Max Special
Increased Carrying Weight
Increased Action Points
Increased Health Points
Overpowered Weapons + Armor
Able To Spawn Many Creatures and NPCs
Fast Travel To anywhere In The Game
Caravan Merchants and Followers Can Not Be Killed
The Caravan Merchants have 100 Repair Skill
Keys to both Houses
Ability to Breath Under Water

Hey can you give me access to that file as well? when i click on the link it says i dont have permission to view that file or download it.

Hi, the link is no longer working for the Fallout save, do you have another source to download it please, I would very much like to try this one as I am having trouble finding an editor for this game

This thread is 4 years old. It would have been a miracle if the link is still working.
Make a new thread about it don’t necro old threads please.

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Well thats because this is 4 years old !