Fallout 3

Is there a fallout 3 save editor for horizon?

As far as I know, there is no save editor for Fallout 3. There is several programs that have saves that you can edit to be your profiles game save.

will you provide some of those links for me to do that

Not on the horizon program. There are some on google, but I don’t know if they work anymore. The one I used to use stopped working and the site is down too.

Just google “Fallout 3 SE” or “Fallout 3 save editor”

A word of advice- Be careful what you download and run.

Go to http://game-tuts.com and download their modding program modio.

I know fallout new vegas is on it, but is fallout 3? Plus their editor isn’t as good as the one I used. The one I used you could insert items and make them unbreakable.

Modio has actual modded gamesaves that you can use in place of your own. I have used it here and there on halo.

found something from google, not sure if it works but try it out!


That is a fallout new vegas save, not a fallout 3 save broski.

Oops. Was looking up the one I used, and I usually type in falloutnv Save editor, and it brought me to the ont i used which worked for fallout 3 too.

My bad.
-My 300th post right here too.

Hi all,I’ve just joined the site and this post caught my eye as I am a huge FO3/FNV fan.
The editor for FNV on Modio doesn’t work,your best bet is to find a link for the FO3ve 3.1 mod tool and use that,i use it and it’s brilliant.

Lol. Good try though.

This is the one I used, it had some problems though but I loved it.


360Revolution on XPGGamesaves has a Fallout 3 editor, it’s not very advanced though.

you could use modio and a usb its pretty hard the first time but then after that its pretty simple