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Fallout 4 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


This might need an update :slight_smile:

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Which options?

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Which options?

Infinite Health does not work, and the last speed control if it can be changed to CTRL or ALT + numbers so it does not conflict with changing weapons

Everything else is peachy :slight_smile:



Hey just wondering whats happening with the trainer?



updates most likely broke it.

@stn @reppin @STiNGERR

can you guys look into this please?

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Wasn’t the new dlc/expansion coming on 19th ? I have been waiting for that to update the trainer then

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Yep, Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC comes the 19th.
Seems the trainer have been broken since 28th of April tho

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@STN Any progress?



@mrp192 any minute now



The Fallout 4 trainer has been updated!


  • Fixed health, ap, radioactivity
  • Fixed Invisibility
  • Added No settlement size limit
  • Updated for v1.5.157.0

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

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Trainer freezes game( and pc) for me when playing fallout 4. Game plays fine when not using trainer. Use it and pc freezes within a minute of playing game.Steam version.



@player8410 Try attaching infinity after game is run. I don’t know why the game would freeze, perhaps the dll injection gets stuck due to some security software (antivirus) see if that is the issue.

Without any cheats activated the trainer just sits there and does nothing.



I should have specified that cheats were activated. It doesn’t seem to be limited to a specific cheat. Once I start using the cheats the game freezes within a minute. I’ve started the game, then attached infinity…it still freezes.



Which cheats do you activate that cause this issue? I know you said not a specific cheat but can you narrow it down so i know which ones are the problem ones. I’ve played the game with trainer and it plays fine



okay, I don’t know if something updated on my system or not but I haven’t had any trouble out of the game today. Everything seems to be working fine. I did have my graphics drivers update yesterday so maybe that was the problem, but today, whatever was causing the problem seems to be resolved.



So i found an issue but it i found a work around.
If you enable unlimited items and you are traveling, if your game freezes just disable unlimited items and re-enable them to fix the freezing without restarting

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DOOM 2016 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

this needs to be updated to the latest version thats on pc which by steam is ver 1.6 the news post was released on july 5th if you guys can get the trainer updated that would be a huge help



@metalgears Which cheats are broken?



@STN might as well wait new dlc comes out tomorrow



@STN Inf health doesn’t seem to work in survival

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