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Fallout 4 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Because survival breaks everything, like some mods re enable the console but God mode doesn’t work because survival removed it and yea Bethesda hates everything

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Well Survival is supposed to be “hard af” that’s why they changed many things but yeah… not that hard just annoying.

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This tool needs an update I think… Some functions are not working in the base game. Here are the cheat options I know of that don’t currently work for me;-

  • Terminal hack
  • Unlimited hack attempts

I don’t get any crashes or errors. They simply don’t work. I can’t say for sure about the others but I know Custom Speed and God Mode works fine for me in the base game. I am on the latest update on Steam. Launched Infinity in-game and also tried launching the game with Infinity.


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@STN’s aware of it. I constantly bug him about it.

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Well good to know stop it xD. It will be updated sooner or later, probably to busy playing with infinity 2 or it will be updated with infinity 2. No point to spam somebody about it

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Can this be updated please?



What options are not working for you?
If you want the trainer to be updated you have to say what is not working.



It’s not up to date with the current game version? It hasn’t been updated since May, the game was updated several times since then because of dlc.



If everything works then why update it?



Not all functions are working. I know the developers are working hard to keep up to date with the tool but v2 is around the corner so this isn’t there only priority.



Everything works for me so there’s no point updating it like @sNaKe said . If something doesn’t work for you go ahead and say it and STN will fix it.
STN said in a thread that even if the message is showing that it’s not up to date the trainer can still work in some parts.
So if there is really a need for an update. Tell what options are not working and STN will update it as fast as possible or it will be updated on v2 like Troy said

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None or most of the options besides inf ammo don’t even work on survival. That’s a pretty big cause to update the trainer.

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NO! Survival doesn’t count.

Trainer should work fine regardless of the incompatible version message, at least nobody has reported it broken. Everything is working for N1ceToMeetYou so i don’t think it needs an update but i will remove that incompatible message so it doesn’t bother you with that and the updated date changes, maybe also check out survival mode



I have a advanced launcher and Fallout 4 PC keeps saying game taking too long 2 load error, how do I fix this error



Start the trainer after the game has loaded up.



Infinity tries to launch Fallout4Launcher.exe first so if your launcher doesn’t have that name then it can be the problem. Attaching infinity after the game has run circumvent this problem though and infinity should inject to Fallout4.exe ignoring the launcher.

Make sure you do run infinity as admin to rule out any permission problems.

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game seems to crash frequently or get stuck on loading screens whenever I have the trainer active…not sure if an update has been out to cause this or if I’m doing something wrong



settlement hack does not worktried moded and unmoded games



I have a problem where the game will crash when i am using the mod tool. without the mod tool the game runs fine but once active it crashes

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Did the game have an update?

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