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Fallout 4 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


It’s a Bethesda game. It can crash without doing anything.

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That reminds me of how touching a specific car in the town near sanctuary insta-kills at least one of my characters. Bethesda games are magical.



@STN Any chance we could get an “Infinite Ammo” and/or possibly an “infinite Fusion Core” cheats?

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No reload is infinite ammo.
And for the fusion cores well that might get added. Though with unlimited items you don’t really need that

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@N1ceToMeetYou I didn’t realize that “No Reload” was infinite ammo cause usually with trainers in my experience infinite ammo and no reload are different. Thanks for clarifying for me.

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Well as long as you want to shoot non stop no reload works. It does not however give you like 9999 of every ammo type. You still would need to be able to load your gun once I think.
When I last played it worked like that but it was a long time ago though I think it didn’t change at all.
Infinite items may affect it though.
If you can please try it in game and IF not reload is not what you are looking for write in here again :smiley:

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Ammo works differently in this game



since new update infinity trainer need to be update… with the existing trainer its not work so well anymore…
causes crashes in " construction mode" black screen comes up + hard reset ( it mean need restart Whole computer)

i hope someone can update the trainer…

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@kanda All the options for with the newest update.
I just tested them and found no option not working.

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dont know , alway if i pressinf F1 for godmode… game crashes alway to desktop… others works but godmode not works on me…



You have the game on steam? Are you using any mods?



i have from steam yes but i not start from steam , starting seperatly from harddisk with infinity as i sayed… all cheats works fine… only godmode crashes game without any error message… i use only the official DLC no any other mods



Hm… Try to use this to clear your cache and try again: - ICDV2.bat -

Don’t know what the problem is. Maybe try to start the game first and later attach Infinity to it. That’s how I do it atleast

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My game freezes completely after a while of playing with the cheats activated, i dont know what causes it, i already tried window+tab, alt+f4 and others but the game freezes the screen on my computer, i tried disabling all the cheats when the game crashes but it stays frozen, i have to turn off my computer and turn it back on to play for about 5-10 minutes for it to then crash again when the cheats are activated



I’m not sure if it’s connected to Infinity tbh. I can play with every cheat turned on fine no matter how long.
Verify the integrity of the game in steam, It’s more likely connected to a faulty file

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not trying to be annoying, but ive done that about 6 times and none of those times have worked, it always says that its validating 1 out of 1 file and it finishes, i go back, go onto fallout 4 with the cheats, play for 5 minutes before the screen freezes again, i dont know whats wrong



are you using infinity v3 or v2? You’re not annoying don’t worry



^that and do you have an antivirus?



where does it tell you what version of infinity im using? and i dont have a anti-virus conflicting with infinity, i can play hearts of iron, doom 2016, alien isolation, crysis 3, fallout shelter, killing floor 2, left 4 dead 2 and subnautica perfectly well, i just dont know whats wrong with fallout 4
ps: my game crashed after pressing the key which activates never die cheat, then the infinity popup asked if everything worked or some thing didn’t work, i clicked on that somethings didn’t work, and in the selection of cheats which i was to choose which ones didn’t work it said in brackets next to unlimited items dont have unlimited items constantly turned on and to use unlimited items sparingly, can you guys have unlimited items constantly turned on?, i dont care much about unlimited health as i pressed it by accident



well did you download the new v3 beta client? If not you are using v2 right now.

I don’t tend to leave it on. You could try to not activate unlimited items and health and try to see if it crashes if it does @STN will have a look at it as soon as he has time.