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Fallout 4 Cheats and Trainer


Well, it’s just that game crash 1 min after activating the cheat (when u click on “play” on infinity) after launched the game in steam… I just get a freeze screen and must restart the game :confused:


It’s the game. It hates being minimized or not in focus.

This is one of those times when infinity remote comes in super handy but since you don’t have that,figure out a way to make the game work for you.


Just got this game about a week ago from steam, it crashes after about a half an hour of game play, whenever I use infinity, and whenever I choose ‘never die’, it crashes immediately. If I launch normally w/o
Infinity, it’s fine.


Use “never die” only in survival mode


You’ll still die due to how survival is. I already yelled at @STN (<3) for doing something about this


You can yell all you want.
The cheat does what it’s supposed to do. Basically gives you unlimited HP.


Uh i forgot why that was happening but there was a good reason for it :smile: It was like 10 or more monsters killed you

Please don’t make me go back to this game :neutral_face:


Health bar didn’t change when you got hit but you still died.


@stn game craches continu more peaple have the same iseu pleas make it work or proberly not much peaple will use this trainer for fallout 4 forcing peaple to pay for a solution is just wrong i ask you this friendly pleas fix the game im not crisism you im asking you to fix this and paying for pro ist going to gange this sinds you need to open infinty and klik on play when you use just 1 mod dosn’t matter wich game craches and your back to your home screen of your pc so pleas i ask you this frendly fix this pleas


First of wtf? Even someone who can’t speak english at all writes better english than this.

Second. The only options that does make the game crash are: Never die if not used in survival mode and
Unlimited items if used all the time (deactivate it if not needed). Otherwise the game won’t crash.


Waz gonna zay teh game dotn crach for me wen i plaa it


You disappoint me dad :sob:


Game doesn’t like being out of focus and is buggy. Figure it out what is causing the game to crash and fix it. For me, it would crash infinity or not when i would alt tab to do something else.

Trainer is up to date and doesn’t need any fixing.


Yeah, every time I activate the cheats it just crashes my game.


Yeah, game seems to crash in certain situations such as using having a cheat enabled and initiating combat (Crash happens once damage is dealt).


When I use never die the game crashes can you fix it when you get a chance


Use survival mode.


it didint work


player.forceav health 1000


Noticed while using this trainer, i am suddenly crashing when fast travelling. Not sure if its because weightless is activated and im technically 400lbs over encumbered. Not sure, anyways figured i’d post something here and see if anyone else is having this issue.