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Fallout 4 Cheats and Trainer


my game was crash when i activate any option…


Deactivate the mods you’re using


or get steam version


I have tried to use trainers for fallout 4 and prey both are not working I’m new to all this is there something i’m doing wrong ? and if so how do I fix it . thanks in advance


Get steam version.


it says no supported trainers avail. ok get steam version, could you give me more info on that please. thanks again


It means get the game from steam the trainer is made for the steam version of the game


I have the Steam version and still says the trainer does not supports the version of my game. Any tips?


Try the latest version the game gives you.
It should work.


It says I’m running the may14 2018 version and says no supported trainers available :o


You should see something like this:

Just select the latest version (Note this is not taken from the Fallout 4 trainer but a different one so number are different)


Versions have to be added manually which is why some trainers don’t have the latest (we have 400+ trainers and multiple versions for each trainer ). It doesn’t even matter unless you have VG installed and actively monitoring versions so just use whatever option is available to you.


I can’t use the trainer no matter what I turn on it crashes the game every time and I can’t use other versions it also crashes the game before I even get into the game and if I start the game and then start an older version trainer it still crashes the game


Any mods installed?


no mods installed


Hi. The trainer works fine for the last few days,However today the game crashed when I tried to run the trainer.
Edit: It seems that the option “Never Die” doesnt work anymore on Very Hard difficulty. It worked fine yesterday.


But as you try to enter or exit buildings or vaults the game crashes


Deactivate unlimited items when you don’t need it. Otherwise memory will overflow and crash the game


it is off I know its just the never die one that crashes the game and the game still crashes even if I turn it off before any loading screen


Never die works only for survival mode last I’ve heard. Not sure if STN changed that or not