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Fallout 4 Cheats and Trainer


I did. And i must have played the game for a 15-30 minutes just to get health to crash me without fail in normal mode.

Of course, i don’t have any mods or antiviruses so i can’t recreate the issues most people with AVs have.


i have the dlc and when i try to kill. the game crashes.


there was an update on 27th of June. Using the trainer causes a Crash-to-Desktop after a minute or so. Not sure if it has to do with getting radiated from the fog, but I’m on the Island from Far Harbor DLC.

PS: great trainer, it was really helpful to toggle certain features at poor planned fight + no recent save piont.

PS2: I went back to the previous version of Fallout 4 and the trainer doesn’t cause any crashes anymore. For anyone else with the same problem: that video will explain how to go back to the previous game version. (don’t believe the update contained any bug fixes only future Creation Club content)


Or just enable version guard on infinity ,thats what it for !


Maybe the dlc has some hidden update that normal versions don’t get.


ya, the game is crashing almost immediately once attaching infinity


The trainer needs to be updated please


Huh? Why?


Because it makes the game crash once the trainer is attached to it


Disable your antivirus and add infinity to its exception list. Run game yourself then attach infinity.

Disable any mods you might be using for fo4.

A game update will never cause the issue you have


I did everything you said and the game still crash at some points with no error message…


Do you have unlimited items enabled at all times?


No, I already know that activating it full time is causing crashes. However the problem seems to fixing itself when I restart my PC, don’t concern yourself with it, I’m almost done with this game


i can start the game without infinity attached but right after attaching and then activating a cheat it crashes. it just happened in the menu. i launched the game, attached infinity and then like 20 seconds later, crash.


its the never die cheat. i kept tabbing in and out after attaching and then activating only 1 cheat at a time. the instant i set Never Die to ON it crashed.


Why would you activate it in the menu? Never do that unless trainer specifically mentions that


either way, I just used the trainer fine without never die active for about 4 hours. and before for like 2 hours.


Never die cheat only works in survival mode it has been talked about a couple times on here already.
Read above


I can’t recreate the issue so no idea why it’s happening for you. Every cheat works fine :woman_shrugging:


Great work on this game and the app in general! I was hoping there would be another update for the latest version soon? (July 19th 2018 Version) Thank you regardless! Keep up the amazing work!