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Fallout 4 Cheats and Trainer


game crashes when any hacks are enabled


Trainer Isn’t Supported, Due To The Recent July 19th Version.


Pls Update the Trainer Thx


what is broken?


every time i try to start the trainer / press a button my game crashes. i don’t know why. few days ago it workt fine.


are you using mods?




Does it happen with any or only with the never die cheat?
Oh and what difficulty are you on?
Are you keeping the unlimited items cheat enabled at all times?


The nerver die cheat is some times broken and chashes my game. i didn’t try the rest.
I play on normal.
I didn’t use it


As far as I know STN changed it so it would work on both. Survival and every pleb difficulty so it shouldn’t crash but just in case.
Start a save on survival difficulty and try if you still crash


I can’t recreate it and i tried. But i don’t use any mods which the most likely cause of iy


Hey guys thanks for trying to helping me. I found my problem.


What was the fix just in case some one else has the problem ?


I cant even launch it due to new version of my game how to I revert to old update?


never die cheat doesn’t work for me in survival difficulty. no mods activated, all dlc’s installed. I keep getting one shotted by a securitron. i’m low level but with infinite skill points my stats are good and have every perk available. does anyone else have this problem in survival?


Trainers don’t work at all. Tried once and it crashed when I tried killing a Bloatfly in sanctuary. I have been told that Bethesda has given up on this game by other players on the Steam Community. It doesn’t matter how many times you reinstall the game or verify the game files. For all those complaining about never die and infinite ammo you can just use the console command cheats using the (~) key then typing (tgm). There are a ton of console commands listed on the steam community if searched through google. It’s not recommended to use the settlement capacity cheat though cause it can make your game run very very slowly.


I play this all the time and have no problem with the trainer except one or two cheats
Bethesda has givin up on this game ? Thank God no more updates to break stuff !!


there should be an unlimited bottle caps or unlimited compainons


pc console command
~ (open console command)
player.additem 000000f 999999
press enter
~ (close console command)