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Fallout 4 Cheats and Trainer


I’m not sure I don’t believe the mod has had an update in a while so there is a good chance that the mod has not been updated since


I’m showing the last patch for Fallout 4 on November the 7th. When was the last update for the mod?


So i tested the trainer and it’s working fine…well it shouldn’t crash upon launch. If it is doing that for you, launch a mission first then attach infinity.

The update did break some cheats (settlement size) but the most essential ones still work. I’ll update the trainer.


@magnumlynx17 @dejavous @CasualDJ @Juillani Trainer updated. Try now


The update is still making the game crash


Which cheat?


the infinite terminal hacks


Can you send me your savegame(Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves) where it crashes? I updated terminal hack but couldn’t test it so it might still be bugged.


it wont let me send the file on here


That’s fine, just upload it to mediafire etc and send me the link


nevermind i got it to work its all good i had to restart the game over again i guess i had a corrupt save


thanks for the help though


No worries :slight_smile:


I just tried it and it still will freeze after playing for 10-20 minutes so im assuming it is probably the game itself. Ive heard this is a common problem for fallout 4


Game crashes when using the trainer in Far Harbor after 30 seconds or so (i’m using no reload, infinite AP + health). It works fine in normal area


Everytime I try to run more than 2 cheats game crashes. Any suggestions?


Can someone update the Fallout cheats they seem to frequently crash my game?


Which cheats are causing the crash?


Well the Trainer was activated but not the cheats{the parts that go blue when activated}, so the problem was that when ever i get hit by something it crashes and when ever i hit something/shoot it crashes,

it stopped crashing a lot more frequently after several crashes so idk.


Are you using any mods?
Does the game crash without using Infinity?
Since you Attach Infinity to the game but do not activate any cheats it shouldn’t be a problem related to Infinity