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Fallout 4 Cheats and Trainer


guys… we telling u that godmode cheats head up a gamecrash if we activate… even if i press ONLY F1 for (neverDie) u get a gamecrash…

and this problem have nothing todo with any firewall or antivirus or what the hell… i say u becouse i not using this bullshits^^


Just used it again no crash and it worked. I’m using the new beta client try it with that. If it still crashes the problem is on your end not infinitys.

Edit: Btw you are using a firewall. but don’t know where you got the firewall “bullshit” since it was never brought up to this conversation


i must have the new beta client because i have no popup wanting to update, and unlimited items does crash the game only if you leave it on and go exploring to places you haven’t been, but i can still use unlimited items around places ive already been for as long as i want (the red rocket station, concord ect), but the unlimited health thing is still i problem (i think) but i dont really care about unlimited health, but thanks a lot!
edit: i forgot to say that i can play for as long as i want now, thanks!


You probably have v2 since you have to download v3 manually from the thread.
Not sure what the problem is with never die and unlimited items for you and kanda. The only thing you could do to find out is watching the console for any error messages. Glad you can play for as long as you want!


I also got crashed if use that never die cheat. Other cheats is working fine but when activate Never die, crash. i try use that cheat only but no help. I update beta3 but same problem.


upon activation of “never die” the game crashes immediately


@STN seems like you might have to look into it?
All cheats still work fine for me don’t know why for everybody else it crashes


The new update seems to have broken your never die. It instantly crashes the game


What new update? People already reported the cheat not working. though for some it works for some it does not.


I’m also running into the issue Never Die crashing the game.


Could you try using te cheat in survival difficulty? That’s what I’m playing at and it works fine


Scrolling up I’m also seeing that using the beta seams to work too so I’ll try that first and then I’ll put the game in survival mode. And I’ll report back with my findings.


Regardless if it’s in the beta update and or in Survival Difficulty, the game still crashes for me.


So the problem is i made the health code work for survival but now it’s crashing for normal difficulty (not for me or for everyone sadly). I guess i should just change it to work for normal difficulty only.

PS: What kind of a stupid developer writes a completely different code for difficulty, all the other games use same set of routines for different difficulties. Probably to make things harder for me lol


Why did you decide on making it only work on a certain difficulty?


Or you could include both. I might not be some fancy rocket scientist but it can’t be that hard to just make a modified duplicate. Maybe you could even merge them together for extra convieniance.


They have been merged together now but that’s an issue. I will make separate options


Some of the cheats don’t work on survival. Never die being the biggest.


May I ask what it means by this in unlimited items? “Use sparingly. Do not keep it enabled at all times.” What happens if I do?


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