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Fallout 4 Cheats and Trainer


You should’ve tried it and found out for yourself. No sense of curiosity anymore ? :wink:


it will crash the game by loading unlimited items whenever you enter a new undiscovered area unlimited times (for example, you go to look inside of a suitcase for stimpacks, and you would normally get 1-2, but if you have unlimited items turned on, it spawns infinite amounts of them, so they will constantly add an infinite amount, like 999 every second until the game crashes, which the game can’t handle, which then causes the game to crash)

edit: im not sure if it happens to everyone but it happens to me, but i can still use unlimited items from time to time and play the game for as long as i want


add more mod options


What mod options do you want to see?
You can’t just say make more options and expect the dev to know what to do


Hi there. The trainer worked for several days but today the game crashes everytime I launched the game with trainer activated. Is there any way to fix it? Thank you.


Launch the game then attach trainer.


The game still crashes when you activate the Never die cheat. The client is updated, tried to play on other difficulties and playing with steam.


Unlimited items cheat crash freezes the game after looting a dead body or area and going to a new area
Never die just immediately crashes the game when you get hurt.

I have the newest update of Fallout 4 newest update of Infinity. These cheats worked before the newest update of Infinity.

If i turn off unlimited items after looting and/or building i dont see the issue.

Player speed oddly increases the players speech speed and pitch. its terrible…


I think there’s something wrong with the Cheats and Trainer. Every time I turn it on and play the game. The game always end up freezing when I kill something. I hope you can fix this issue. :confused:


What cheats are you using?
Are you checking the trainer notes?
Just too few informations to go on. It might be completely on your end and has nothing to do with Infinity


I guess your right. Ima check one more time before I report a problem…


@STN I’m experiencing some issues with the game today with it closing just soon after launching. It will just freeze/crash shortly after attaching Infinity, using the cheats: Never Die, Invisibility, and No Radioactivity.

Tried launching the game with Infinity and also tried attaching it after launching the game manually with the same results.


Try without the Never die cheat for a bit.
I know that STN wanted to make a Never die cheat for normal and survival difficulty since they somehow are different


After playing around with it some more, there is a problem with the Never Die cheat. As soon as I activate that cheat, then the game crashes. Will play without it for now.


I take it you’re not playing on Survival difficulty?




Yeah so the same problem persists. STN changed it so it works for the survival version. That breaks it for all other difficulties though. So STN basically needs to make 2 cheats. 1 For survival, 1 for all other Difficulties


Not this month, gotta do requests (am way behind as always)


I know your list better than anyone :stuck_out_tongue: