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Fallout 4 Cheats and Trainer


when i use this trainer the game crashed when fired to an enemy or i cant press e to talk / hack cant do anything even cant walk sometimes


Don’t use the never die Cheat outside survival difficulty and only use infinite items when you need it


thank for the infomation (help) keep up the good work please :smiley:


You’re welcome


every time i play fallout with trainer the game disappear is there a way to fix this


Run game first then attach trainer?. It is not a trainer issue but the game, figure out how the game works for you (it freezes when launching for some reason)


it only crashes when i use the Never Die cheat


Are you playing survival mode or easy-hard?


i am playing in survival mode and i change the difficulties to easy


Only use the Never Die cheat on Survival Mode


Thought it was the other way around since survival is a bit difficult for the first run.

Anyway @lancegamer you can use console commands to get infinite health. You can use tgm or player.forceav health 99999. google a little about it. Tilde key or the key below esc should open the console in-game.


It was the other way around in the beginning. Now it’s made for survival


can i use no reload mode in survival with no die cheat




Yo im using the torrent version and trying to use this hack but wont let me cause everytime I try to activate any one of em it just turns off every time I activate it like really fast. wtf is going on?


Well that’s because it’s made for the steam version probably
I just used the trainer so I know it works


get the newest version


Coud you make a free crafting cheat?
Or is that not possible.


Can’t read the game more than 1 min after just LAUNCH the cheat. Pretty oppressed… I tried to minimize graphics (same if my PC is a MONSTER BEAST) , but still crashs. Need an Update bro, pls soon…


Not sure what you said but trainer works perfectly fine and mine is i7 1080