Fallout 4 Help! Infinite loading screen with wemod cheats!

Hi guys!

When i leave the vault for the first time at the start of the game, i get a infinite loading screen with the wemod cheats on. Please, i need help with this as soon as possible!



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i’m in no position of knowing how to fix this but i will try to help out, does it stay on loading screen when cheats are never turned on or just happens when cheats are on while loading? if it only happens when the cheats are on then i would just turn off cheats when there is an expecting loading screen coming up until Wemod fixes the problem.

It’s not a problem with wemod. Never heard of any one else having the problem and I never did when I played it like 10 times like he said just wait or figure which one is causing the problem and turn that one on after

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sorry, i didn’t pay attention to that, thanks for letting me understand

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No problem all help is better then no help. Thanks for helping !

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Just now the game froze while having the cheats on. What is to do about that?

no problem!

i don’t know, it could be your computer because ptondo said it worked for them 10 times when they played it.

Would it happen to be the never die cheat ?

I will try and see

I tried to not use reload and never die, but it still crashes…

you don’t even need WeMod in Fallout 4 anyway. anything it does, the console can also do. and if not, mods, which are generally more stable than exe injectors.

Actually mods are the reason this trainer might be crashing for him. Because it works fine vanilla and i have had people with mods installed report errors with this trainer (people seem to mod this game a lot).

A few lines code change would be more stable than modding the game a lot, don’t you think?