FALLOUT 4. System RAM frequency DOES matter

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You may or may not be already aware of this, but if you love playing FALLOUT 4 on the PC, and if you are struggling for some extra “oomph”, added performance gain, and increased frame rate/FPS, then grab a higher frequency RAM MODULE.

The game’s current engine benefits from a high freq installed system Memory/RAM, as tested by me as well.

Previously I was using a 1600mhz kit, but recently upgraded to a CORSAIR Dominator Platinum 16GB (2 x 8GB) kit, 2400MHz, having a Latency of 11-13-13-31 though, but the performance gain is very much noticeable.

This has been pointed before as well.

Overclocking my previous 1333, or rather 1600 Mhz RAM kit wasn’t much worth it, so I just upgraded to this 2400MHz module instead, as the CAS numbers weren’t accurate on my previous memory, with XMP profile.

Anyway, regardless of whether VSYNC is ON or off, the performance gain is indeed there. Though, make sure neither your GPU, as well as the CPU, is creating any kind of bottleneck.

But sometimes in CPU-bound games/titles, a faster RAM can provide a dramatic increase in performance. I’m currently getting 10-15 fps gain, on an average, though I need to benchmark more.

I think another game which benefits heavily from system frequency is ARMA 3.

Regardless of the screen resolution, as I’m playing on 1440p, even on 1080p, and 4K, the performance gain is there, though INTEL CPU benefits a lot than AMD, in all honesty.

YES, I know this isn’t a config tweak, or a “quick/easy fix” solution to gain extra FPS, as it requires upgrade on your part, as well as expenditure, but I’m just pointing this out.

Just make sure your Motherboard supports a higher frequency RAM kit, prior to any purchase. That’s all.

On 1440p, I had to tone down the GODRAYS quality, as well as Ambient Occlusion a bit, to get a steady FPS, even though I’m playing it on an R9 390X GPU, but on my Nvidia RIG (GTX 1070), the game runs like a breeze.

I guess, there has been lack of optimization for this game, when it comes to AMD GPUs, like stuttering, Memory leak, and texture pop-ins, but nonethless, I’m enjoying this title.

By the way, is the DLC, Far Harbor worth playing or not ? I don’t have any downloadable content yet, so kindly share your experience/feedback, if you wish.

And, thanks for reading my boring topic. :wink: :slight_smile:

Figures/pics below taken from the web:

1600MHz: 36.0/54.6 fps
2133MHz: 39.0/61.0 fps
2400MHz: 44.0/66.9 fps.


Already knew but good share and informative people :3

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Thanks. Slight follow-up:

CRYSIS 3 also seems to be benefited by a higher frequency RAM, despite I’m running the game off an SSD, on an i7 4790K CPU, on 1440p.

Edit: Actually “CryEngine” seems to be a bit finicky while testing…

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Intense Data doe

I am wondering what is wrong with my fallout 4. I have a pretty nice gaming rig i built myself but the game display will just freeze for no reason. The audio will play but the game itself will freeze. I have never had this happen on any other games. Ive tried it with and without cheats and it still does it. Can anyone help?

Are you using any mods

Nah I’m not it will do it without mods as well

The game is buggy as f*ck. It would crash for no reason until i started running it in windowed mode.

You would think after a year and thousand updates later, they would fix the game but NOOO.

Hm I didn’t think about windowed mode, it may be having a hard time because at the moment I am displaying on a 52" tv with my pc but honestly it could be a ton of things. I’m gonna try windowed mode tomorrow I’ll let you all know how it goes

Which GPU do you have, NVIDIA or AMD ? Check the “Shadow distance” quality, as well GOD RAYS setting, especially when using an amd video card.

The “Shadow Distance” can be a performance killer, and it can tank the overall FPS/game performance, in some of the open world levels, depending on your CPU/GPU.

If set to ULTRA setting, in few specific areas the Shadow Draw distance tanks, and can increase the CPU’s Draw Call.

Now, the issue here is actually with the game’s engine in GENERATING those draw calls. That can suck up CPU cycles, if it weren’t for the game being poorly optimized.

There can sometimes be a CPU bottle neck if it can’t transfer data into and out of cache quickly enough. Like in the City, mostly it happens in the areas with lots of objects.

On the GPU side, it seems this game mostly tries to keep the VRAM close to 4 GB, regardless of the Video card.

So it’s quite likely that these draw call spike might represent an area with more graphical data that requires more transfers into/out of the VRAM.

If this is indeed the case, then allowing the game to use more VRAM should alleviate the drop in performance, for cards that have more physical VRAM, but this seems to be tested.

Since the game isn’t properly optimized, almost everything that it does with rendering the world objects, takes more time than usual.

I think as per my observation, “Shadow rendering” is one of the most time consuming operations in Fallout 4, because the game has only predefined shadow draw distance, which applies everywhere in every location (almost just the same), which can pose an issue IMO.

Though, it’s hard to jump on any conclusion, without first knowing your full PC specs, because many other factors might come into play as well for this game.

Just edited my post slightly… any luck yet ?


omg, 52 inches monitor screen is kinda huge for gaming ! nice though :open_mouth:

mine is just 24"…hehe

Interesting find, mate. Will try to OC my RAM to see if this really helps. Sorry for the bump though, but this sounds interesting.


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