Fallout: New Vegas Mod Tool & Much More

Fallout New Vegas Mod Tool:

Link to Download
*Credit to synmuffin

I did not make this video, merely found it

Infinite Experience Glitches:
More to Come
NOTE**Some glitches have been patched, and you need to clear your cache to perform the glitch.

Method 1-Go to “Old Mormon Fort” in Freeside and talk to “Julie Farkas” and ask about the medical supply shortage. Tell her you want to donate some medical supplies. Just use the mod tool i posted to mod the amount of “fixer” you have. donate fixer to her 3 at a time. You get 33-132xp per time you donate the fixer to her.
YouTube - Fallout: New Vegas Infinite Experience New Method[/video]
I made this video, 100% credit for this :smile:

Method 2- You need Speech of 30, Repair 35 or the perk Confirmed Bachelor. You must also be on the good side of NCR. Go to HELIOS One and the lady should automatically talk to you. Once she allows you access HELIOS One, you should be able to start the mission. in order to start the mission you must talk to ignacio rivas and fantastic to start “That Lucky Old Sun”. Follow the mission and talk to Fantastic and Ignacio Rivas. While talking to Rivas make sure you get him to reveal that he’s a Follower of the Apocalypse by using Speech or Confirmed Bachelor and agree with his ideals about peace or just say you’re neutral. Do the mission regularly until you get to the point where you activate the Mainframe Terminal. Configure the Power Grid to "5) Full Region (Emergency Output Level). Finish the mission by hitting the Reflector Control Panel outside on top of the tower. Go back to Ignacio Rivas and choose the option “I overloaded the plant. No one…”. The glitch is that the option never disappears, so you can choose to keep pressing it.
YouTube - Fallout New Vegas : Infinite Experience + Stimpak Glitch[/video]
Once again, i take no credit for this video, or the glitch shown

Method 3-This is to be done AFTER you get Old Ben to go to the Atomic Wrangler. He is sitting at the bar near the door. Have the same conversation that you had with him before, choosing the Speech bonus line. Make sure you have 50 Speech skill when you do this to get the highest experience bonus. Repeat the conversation.


I take no credit for the video, or the method

Infinite Cap Glitches:

More to Come

NOTE**Some glitches have been patched, and you need to clear your cache to perform the glitch.

Method 1-After doing the quest “Wang Dang Atomic Tango” You find a sexbot. Every time you talk to him, he gives you 10 caps when you deny sex with him, keep talking to him to make about 600 caps a minute.

I don’t take credit for the video, just found it.

Method 2-Complete the mission “My Kind Of Town” in Primm, Leave Primm and wait for at least THREE in-game days, Return and enter the Vikki and Vance Casino.Deal with the people in the Casino.Leave Primm again and wait for at least THREE more in-game days.
When you come back to the Casino, there will be a cashier to talk to.This cashier will give you caps based on the number of chips that you have,she will NOT remove the chips from your inventory,you can ask her for caps over and over! You can also ask her for NCR and Legion money. She won’t remove your chips if you select those options either.
To get even more caps faster, buy lots of chips, ask the lady for more caps, then buy more chips, and so on.
YouTube - BEST INFINITE CAPS - Fallout New Vegas Glitch (ORIGINAL VID!)[/video]
I take no credit for the video, nor the method.

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**I take NO credit whatsoever for anything in this this post other than the finding of the glitches, and the infinite xp method 1.

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  • the mod tool has been posted 4 times on this site with 4 different threads with 4 different versions, no need to create more spam. GIVE credit to the creator of the tool: synmuffin

HOWEVER, nice job compiling all of this. I’m sure someone will like it.
it’s just it already been posting VIA several different threads.

sorry, i didn’t know it was on this site…and i didn’t know the creator of the program…i said i take no credit for it btw if you read it. i just took my post from TTG and put it here cuz on TTg, no one knew anything about it…

I read it, I’m one of the few.

I know exactly what you said.

and I’m saying give credit to synmuffin. (not saying you took credit) regardless where you took it from at least know who the creator is because if you can use the tool and click on help, then you can READ who created it :smile:

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I’m not an ■■■■■■■ nor am I the rude one here.

I’m quite sure if you made a tool you would want credit for it am I not right?
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stated from synmuffin himself in a previous thread on here, he was quite furious at the OP for not giving credit.

I was informing you to give credit to him so he doesn’t flame you.
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stated before: nice work compiling all this together though.

thanks…i only take credit for the method one of the experience glitches…i found that one myself

no problem, good job on that. I’ll quote it in a post that someone started “if anyone has found exploits/glitches/etc” (if it wasn’t here, if I’m not mistaken…lol)

EDIT: I found – doing the boomer mission that the girl asks you to find missiles for them – if you have 99999999 missiles [via mod tool] you can gain an infinite amount of good karma (maybe XP too, don’t quote me on the XP because I can’t remember it popping up.) However I do remember every time I donated 10 missiles I got good karma each time.

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Just to let you know the tool is already at v2.5, If you didn’t copy and paste you’d know that already.

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i didnt copy and paste :smile: thanks dick :smile: i MADE this post with my hands, ya know? and i posted that i needed to find a newer version

So you didn’t copy and paste this:
Fallout New Vegas Mod Tool

I think you did lol.

Here is the new version:

Credit: synmuffin for making the program.

i put the link in the download? i didnt copy and paste the post. all the glitches were hand typed.

I was referring to the tool. Do what you want with the link, it’s the newest version.

Awesome post, thanks a ton.