Fallout New Vegas - Mod Weight, UFO Mode, Running Speed?


Is it possible to mod running speed, UFO mode, and max. weight in Fallout New Vegas?

If so how?

Thanks, Brady


i hope there is a way that would be sick!

I believe it is only for pc cause they have a file for it.


Fallout NV Game + a File that is modded

Unless… You want to waste money and buy a jtag, than it would a whole new story

U can on the xbox its just a little more hex editing here use this


again, if people have been reading and testing.
2.0 (tested by others and myself and STATED by the creator) still has bugs, the weight and health editing does not work yet. it will on the next update.

I think Fallout NV Beta 3.0 is out already:)

no, 2.5 is out

Latest Updates:
fixed db search bug
added skills editing (tab)
added 85 limit to rad resist

re-wrote the way files are read! using what I think is as close as I can get to properly
added support for all the pre-order packs
added .tsv files for all the pre-order packs
XP and Level are now edited seprately!
XP can now be raised or lowered (enter a negative value here and it will be subtracted from your current XP or simply enter a lower amount)
added TYPE defanitions into the database search
fixed Weight
fixed HP
added Karma level editing
added AP editing
added DR editing
added Rad Resitance editing
changed the way “change records” are read
re-wrote a bit of the loading logic (should be less bulky and a little faster)

Lol, I hope he still doesn’t use X360.dll.

Jealous troll is jealous.

To answer your question, yes these things can be modded, but they are ISO mods, not something you edit on a gamesave (for now anyway). Om3gaSn1per found the code that could give you Noclip bout a week before the game came out, I recorded some footage of it, but have been to lazy to upload. lol

In other words, if you have a Jtag, it’s just a simple change of a value on the .dll
If your on a Flashed, you’re going to have to burn a disc :confused:

You can do tons of stuff on the game save with this game, here is a tutorial I made that shows you where the things are located. CLICK HERE

NOTE: I think you have to have Hardcore Mode [ON] for this to work, or else the values will be shifted slightly.