Fallout New Vegas Title Update

Hello! I am replaying Fallout New Vegas and am trying to to get its title updates to get the DLCs working. can anyone share a link to the title update? thanks!:slight_smile:

Try http://xboxunity.net/ they should have it.

Sorry about the free thanks, my fat fingers don’t always do well when using tapatalk on my phone lol.

I hhaavvee tthhee ssaammee problem… lol

i see categories that say “Updates for MediaID:” is there any difference which one i pick?

Yes there is a difference. You need to find the corresponding media of the game then download that particular title update that matches. You can’t download any old one.

i see but there is multiple media IDs(under one title) how do i know which one to pick?

Are you not able to connect to Live on your 360 so you can get the update that way?

If not, I would just start by trying update #5 from each media ID until you find the one that works for you. I spent about a half hour on Google trying to figure it out for you, but couldn’t really find any useful info.

my unit is jtaged though… if I connect it online to get the update wouldn’t that mess my 360? sorry if my question sounds stupid but i thought i cant connect a modded unit online. thanks for efforts btw.