Fallout New Vegas Tool - UPDATE 2.5

[size=35][b]Just letting you know, synmuffin has updated his tool.

[/b][size=25][b]No more HeX editing needed anymore, other than player speed and slow mo.[/b][/size][b][/size]
[/b][size=25][b]The tool includes and edits: - Weight (How much you can carry) - Action Points (VATS Points) - Health (How much health your player has) - Damage Resistance (How much damage your player resists) - Radiation Resistance (How much Radiation your player can resist) - Karma (Whether your player has Good/Bad Rep.) - Skill Editing Tab (Mod: Barter, Lockpick, Repair, Science, Sneak, etc...) - Also, many bugs have been fixed, including the Database Search[/b][/size][b]
[/b][size=25][b]Please note, the MAXIMUM you can mod your Weight, Action Points, Health, Dam Res, and Rad Res is, is -2,147,483,191 [size=30]AND[/b][/size][size=25][b]The MAXIMUM you can mod your skills to is 100 - quite obliously[/b][/size][b][/size]





is this a good game i am debateing on buying it or not

I’d buy it, the main story isn’t too good, so I’d advice you to do the side missions before going to Hoover Dam :thumbsup:

I luv you guys! Thanks!:thumbsup:

I didn’t know Hoover Dam was the main mission. I thought it was getting ride of Mr. House? Myyyy baaaaaaddd :sunglasses:

You can download the PC copy of Fallout New Vegas, test it and if you like it, buy the xbox 360 version of it. So far I like it.

I dont know if we are allowed to post links, but here it is.

Thanks for the post man. Fallout is the type of game that I’m not really interested in playing unless I can mod it.

Dont just say thanks, hit the thanks button :wink:

Yeah but when the DLCs come out im sure it will be epic cuz zboz is the only one who gets them well the one this holiday

I modded my health and everything else, but when I try to fast travel, it says I cannot fast travel while taking damage. Anyone know whats going on?



BRADY, SERIOUSLY this is the 3rd ****ing post about the same tool (2nd one of yours), Just UPDATE your OLD post instead of creating spam.

is this not yours? ->https://www.wemod.com/forum/43-xbox-360-modding-tools/7358-falloutnv-ve-beta-2-0-update-mod-weight-health.html (all you have to do is UPDATE that, and if you cant change the title ask a mod to change it without the versions and update it whenever an update comes out)!

it clutters the fourms up, mods/admins have to close and delete a bunch of threads because new one start.


otherwise, good job updating.

however UPDATE the old thread next time instead of STARTING a new one. thanks.

That’s the official link for synmuffin’s tool, no viruses, he’s only got 10’s of thousands of satisfied customers. :sunglasses:

Nice when i get the game i will try this

Broken link, anyone?

This game is beast buy it now guys!

Link has been fixed, I’m working with the new version right now!

Thank you for updating it

Uhhhh broken link?