Fallout New Vegas Update 3.0!

This is the the 3.0 Beta update for fallout New vegas and it works great. Scanned with norton and no virus’s. Just use WinRAR to extract the .exe to your desktop or open the .exe in WinRAR. Scanned with norton and there are NO threats! ENJOY :thumbsup:

FalloutNV VE Beta 3.0 - http://zeropair.com/FalloutNV_VE-Beta_3.0.rar


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Direct link…


Why cant any of you appreciate the program that im posting. Who cares where its from? Its the updated version now isnt it!

lol chill out kid we like “programs” but we hate Game-tuts, plus this has already been posted before so.

“We” the community don’t “hate” Game Tuts, it’s kids like you that think we do, we’re both modding sites, go figure.

okay then tell me this if we don’t hate them then why do they make Gammertags saying XboxMB sucks…they hate us we hate them…

Link me to where 3.0 update is on here besides my own post’s

Who cares who hates who! Maybe you specifically hate someone on game-tuts but there are lots of people on this site who think game-tuts is also a good site. I like game-tuts and im VIP on there (god forbid that). I think you just like to complain about random things just to argue for no reason like over links. OH NO not a link from game-tuts :cry:

Scroll down and the link is in iAxxeeL’s post

How long did that take you to find one person’s quote? And plus thats not a thread about it, no one is going to click on a thread that says update 2.5 when there is MY thread that says 3.0

…wow this tool is old dude

wow its the newest version you tard

the tool is like 3 months old and you didn’t even give credit to the guy you got it from…

omg the tool is old but the UPDATE is NEW. 3.0 update, how many times do I have to explain this to get it in your golf ball sized brain? And who cares about credit since you hate game-tuts!

the creator isnt game-tuts and the tool HAS BEEN out for 3 months…

Once again the tool is 3 months old but the update IS NOT!

its been 3.0 for like 2 so whats the difference ?

Price I think you just like a good argument. This program was posted once in a quote but ppl arent going to go looking for that quote for the 3.0 update so thats why I posted a thread about it cuz its a updated and fixed version. Im done arguing with you when you clearly know nothing :smile: