Fallout NV VE Beta Trouble

Hey, I’ve been trying for a while to mod Fallout NV with The NV VE beta using every version, but everytime I open my save it says “unhandled exception has occured in your application. If you click continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click quit, the app will close.”

Why is it happening and how do I fix it? Also, Can someone provide a DL link to V. 3.0? I’m doubting weather or not this is actually 3.0.


have you got the file opened in another programme?

could be .net framework, also the save could be opened somewhere else

Nope, I ONLY opened the save in the tool. If this doesnt work, i’d appreciate a link on how to hex edit inventory items, but that’s a last resort for me.

You can get the latest from here: zeropair.com - closed
For the error, try fast travelling to another place or dropping some of your inventory and re-saving.

oscar- everytime I try to download that it opens a word doc with really weird characters. any solution for this?

Do you have Winrar?
I think it is popping up weird letters is because your opening it up in a notepad/word pad.

I do have winrar and i’ve had this problem before. Do I just rigjt like the word doc and open with winrar?

What exactly are you doing?

Are you double clicking on the file and it opens.

I just download the file and it downloads as a word doc, then I just double click and open like normal.

Replace the file extension to an Exe try that.

On ur gamesave, make sure u have nothing equiped so take off all ur armor and weapons and see if that works.

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