FalloutNV VE Beta 2.0 - UPDATE - Mod Weight and Health!

Hi guys, just stumbled across the new update for the Fallout Save Editor:Latest Updates
Added support for modding your carrying weight and your health (hp) as well :wink:
Bug fixes and code optimization.
Fixed the WindowsXP issues and added support for the PimpBoy! :smiley:
Lastly, 2.0 has bugs, the weight/health edit does not work yet!



Forgot to give him credit:
Made by synmuffin.

cool i dont really play new vegas but when i do ill DL this

Made by synmuffin.

thanks for this man im gonna test and see if it works.

thanks im gonna need this when i get NV christmas time

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ok no NEED to keep posting the same editor with different updates on different threads.
(unless YOU intend on updating this THREAD alone whenever the updates come out to prevent others from creating a form of spamming by posting a new thread about the same tool but newer)

lastly, 2.0 has bugs, the weight/health edit does not work yet.

just simply, PLZ correctly inform people, that’s all really.


i know, i wasnt directing it toward you.
hence why i wasnt quoting you. lol

i got unhandled exception when i tried to open my save any help plz

does this work with PC Saves?

not sure but I know you can PORT over x360 and PC saves between each other.

2.5 is out

Latest Updates:
fixed db search bug
added skills editing (tab)
added 85 limit to rad resist

re-wrote the way files are read! using what I think is as close as I can get to properly
added support for all the pre-order packs
added .tsv files for all the pre-order packs
XP and Level are now edited seprately!
XP can now be raised or lowered (enter a negative value here and it will be subtracted from your current XP or simply enter a lower amount)
added TYPE defanitions into the database search
fixed Weight
fixed HP
added Karma level editing
added AP editing
added DR editing
added Rad Resitance editing
changed the way “change records” are read
re-wrote a bit of the loading logic (should be less bulky and a little faster)

Good thing there’s a weight editor because I’ve been gettin a little chubby ingame. =P