FanaticModz SPAM FREE COD4 Infections

No stupid message showing up and messing up your radar and screen.
You get 3 teleports, huge radar, radar in hardcore matches, 10th prestige(not changing level) , red laser, small crosshairs(super steady aim), bullet tracers, pro-mod, zoomed field of view, aimbot assit, red names on enemies, increased bullet damage, choose between chrome mode, rainbow mode and cartoon mode

Send Private Chat Invite To
GT: Fanatic Decline
Join session In Progress
Backout and Go To Splitscreen Match
Start match choose visions, end match
Go rape online

Does this work if iv been already in one lobby?

Also ur FL is full

Dude, i said to send pvt chat invite, view profile than join session in progress. Yes it works. Don’t send no friend requests.

i think it says " Send Private Match Invite To"

Invite me: Legitti

Lool . My Bad man . I meant private chat invite.

Legit! :smiley:

Legittttttttt as always

Legit but some of the stuff u wrote down isn’t true. Only one teleport yes there is spam and there’s no aimbot

cant connect to host

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