FANTASTIC Days Gone Trainer

Hi at Wemod, Well I have got to tell you that this “Days Gone” Trainer is really so Fantastic, that I am so happy to be a PRO member my membership is worth every £££ or $$$ in your case lol, I did try to put this in the Trainer section but it would not let me, also so GLAD that I was able to download the Days gone Trainer, Thank you for the great service from all WeMoD staff you are all ACE :-).


Thank you for your kind words, we appreciate it.
And thank you for supporting WeMod’s development and maintenance by going Pro.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the game with WeMod. I tried playing it without cheats but I was just terrible, it definitely needs cheats, haha.

Hi Ravenfyre, I sure do agree this game Days Gone is great and without the Trainer the Hoards always win lol and I have started playing Days Gone New Game + and it is amazing much harder but winable with WEMOD:-)
Kid regards.

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DAYS GONE, something that I came across about Days Gone that is Wemod’s Trainer, I personally do not use i.e. like Numberpad 1, or any other keyboard key I only use the Mouse because Sony and this game “Days Gone” track all keystrokes that players make, for me before I came across this I always use the “OFF” “ON” just some info that I found that surly Sony will not track the mouse lol.

The keystroke tracking thing in this game has just been blown out of proportion by one conspiracy theorist in a single review on the Steam store, which was then picked up and spread by other conspiracy theorists. :slight_smile:

The game is tracking your keystrokes so the developers can gather anonymous data about how players play the games and set their control layouts so they can improve controls in future games and develop better preset control layouts. Especially for left-handed people who are sometimes somewhat at a disadvantage compared to right-handed players, since their dominant hand isn’t on the mouse.

The only data they’re getting is what keys you’re pressing to play the game. No names, emails or other personal information. Basically what they’re getting is something like… W W W A A S S S W W W Shift W W A A Ctrl W W A S ESC… etc.

It’s nothing more than research to improve games for the future. Google tracks you more than Days Gone does. :slight_smile:

LOL Ravenfyre, that is great news I thought there may be an ulterior motive for us cheaters thank goodness that is not the case end of story:-) Thank you for digging this out:-)