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Far Cry 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Unlimited vehicle health
Unlimited throwables
No C4 limit
No mine limit
Super weapon range
One-hit kills
Vehicle one-hit kills
Instant vehicle repair
Instant bow tension
Easy crafting
Huge loot bag
Ghost mode
Unlock weapon slots
Unlock all weapons/items
Unlock all skills


Each time i activate unlimited health for Far Cry 3 the game crashes. Can you add stealth mode instead so the game doesn’t crash.


Get steam or uplay version


Yes i do have steam and uplay


Huh idk why it’s crashing then. Is it in specific area of the game?


I dont know how to make this separate so replying tour comment. i found it worked if uplay is already open in background. hope this helps some you guy/girls. cheers


It’s saying unsupported game to me when i have it installed and every thing on steam?.


Add it manually yoursefl


just did it worked now =) thank you.


29th of may i think since i preordered the gold edition of far cry 5 i will have to wait and we pc users don’t even get the classic edition only the original.


isnt the classic edition basically the original?


yes but i guess there are better graphics like any over priced edition of a game that came out like 5-6 year ago… at least its free for us gold edition getters and not 60$ for a revamped game.


Why are you posting in this thread though?


Its far cry do i need a better reason
Wah Wah


I’ve gone through every hoop that has been recommended on this and I’m still not getting anything, every time I go onto infinity and try and hit play, the game comes up but then it says that it can’t find the game… I’m stuck for answers please help


Run the game yourself then attach infinity


i gout this via FC 5season pass, and everytime it crashes, no matter if i open ist via Uplay and then add infinity, or start via infinity.

i press one cheat and tata -crash

can you help me please ?


Same. The trainer comes up “Does not support your version of the game” for the FC3 release with the FC5 Season Pass (I have mine via Steam)


@Duketom @Cdat88 Are you two talking about the remastered version (Far Cry 3: Classic Edition)? Because that is propably going to need a new trainer since it is technically a different game.


Yes. Cuz it works with the original far cry 3.