Far Cry 3 mod horizon xbox 360

Far Cry 3 the game is completely free mod horizon ( Xbox 360) Please
the game is old

This site is English only. Please use google translate if you need to.


He’s asking for the Far Cry 3 mod tool in Horizon to be free because the game is old. Google Translate wouldn’t have done an awful lot better for him anyway.

OP, while I myself am not a fan of paying for access to mod an old game, it’s an “all-in-one” tool and it all but guarantees your save file will be modded and rehashed at a few clicks of a button.

If you are desperate for an editor, you can find a few which are for free elsewhere. I used a free one over a year ago and the first time I used it, it corrupted my save. Another one didn’t give me what I wanted and I followed the tutorial which was written for it.

Whatever you decide, backup your save, just in case. I have lost hours of gameplay because of a shitty free tool or two.