Far Cry 4 Mod Tool


I would like you to make a mod tool Far Cry 4 in Infinity. please :grinning:
thank you.


I moved this topic to the proper category. Do you have any ideas for trainer option (e.g infinite health)? You should include them in your original post.

Welcome to wemod by the way!

huh i thought we made one. I’ll add it to my list and make it after my exams (4th june)

there is one for the 3rd game

It is possible to make a Assassin creed mod tool for Unity please.In infinity

To quote myself


I am giving up this title (Assassin Creed Unity/Syndicate), another dev might do it or i will after the release of infinity v2. The reason being this game has anti-cheat and infinity has its limitations which makes it hard to deal with them.

Frank said v2 will have better ways to deal with that so i will make it then.

V2 is expected next month or possibly sooner or could be
delayed…its going to be epic! both in the looks department and how
infinity deals with games.

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