Far cry 4 modding

does any know what the max health that will work is

I think the default is set at 150, so anything above that should grant you extra health. The higher you put it, the more health you have. I don’t actually know if there’s a limit because I don’t have the game for 360, but I assume you can increase it a lot.

thanks for responding but every thing i tried doesent seem to work for me i die like normal but im gonna keep trying differnt things

i just wanted to see if anyone had figured out health yet of if its not possible

the “elipse” program has a tool for it, but i haven’t been able to max the skills available or level out yet as it keeps reseting when i save and haven’t touched the health section but you can increase the max cash above the max (5 million wallet) i’m at 250 million now, so i wouldn’t see why you couldn’t as long as you increase the max health as well as the current health markers.

you can find that here:

ive definitely tried increasing it and nothing seems to work i was seeing if anyone using horizon has been able to mod the health and have it work