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Far Cry 5 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


ah ok, thanks


Hello everyone. Can you help me with this problem. How to fix it? (I have original game from uplay)


That’s what we all want to know.I hope Stingerr can make a new trainer for this version.Stinger,please tell us if you’tr not going to make a new one so we’ll stop asking.


Can we expect an update to the trainer? I also have the exact same issue everyone else is having, Infinity says it can’t patch my game because it’s not the correct version. I’m still within the refund window on Steam, but obviously won’t be forever. If there’s not going to be an update I might as well refund the game.


Yes there will be an update.


I just want to thank you people that make these trainers for making playing video games fun.

But have a whine about Ubisoft for being a mob of pricks and not letting me play a game I bought the way I want to play it. I am in it for the story, and some mindless wandering around shooting ■■■■ which I feel requires a GOD mode for me to enjoy it, drop the ■■■■ already Ubi and let us play the game our way.

So again thanks to all involved and I cant wait until the trainer is updated and working on Uplay version again, until then I might just go outside or something


The Far Cry 5 cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Just pushed an update but it wont work till later. Test it after a few hours.


Will infinity update automatically once available?


Yep. It’s all set :+1:


And also an update coming in a few days from ubi mars something dlc. Hope it dont break it


Infinity states that the version is still May 28th, and its still isnt working. Thanks for all the heard work trying to get this damn thing to work :slight_smile:


Yeah I would like to know if Far Cry 5 works on Uplay. I’ve heard it works on steam but I don’t have it on steam. Need help


I actually have the answer to my question so that is my fault. But let me explain. Different games supports different platforms. For example for Far Cry 5 the only platform that supports the Infinity is Steam. So if you got the game on Uplay it won’t work. Unless we get enough request too make it for the uplay. Honestly I would like to see Frank or one of the admins on Far Cry 5 to implement the for both Steam and Uplay. Maybe if we can just type a hashtag or something to get there attention. Like for example if you go on this forum and state you want it on uplay and then go on let’s say twitter and tweet #FarCry5UpalySupport or something like that to the Infinity Devs, and if we can get enough people to vote. Maybe they’ll do it.

Also if you have a crack version of Far Cry 5 no matter if it can be updated to the latest version. It will not work, you will need to buy the game in order to use Infinity Games.

Hopefully we can get this on Uplay soon.



This isn’t true. It depends on if the game is different between platforms. For FC5 they are the same and both platforms are supported.


Huh, then I got no idea why I can’t start mine. I have it on uplay and I select the .exe file on Infinity because I for some reason it couldn’t find the .exe file (Picture 1) . And when that happens and I click Play, it says this (Picture 2)


Because we’re waiting for the new trainer.The one you’re trying to use got broken by latest Far Cry 5 update version. BTW, Stingerr said he has a new update for trainer 16 hours ago at this writing. Any word when it will be released??And will it be automatic or do we need to redownload the Infinity client??


Ya it was released 15 hours ago. Should work. Start the game from where you got it from without infinity then after quit then try through infinity. Did your infinity update ? Should of


No it didn’t for me. Still old one from 23rd.Maybe I should redownload the whole client to force update the Far Cry 5 trainer. Thanks for the info-I was in the dark and still have no update. Mine still says May 23 for latest Far Cry 5 trainer. Is that the one that works anyway??


I uninstalled and reinstalled Infinity. It still says my version isn’t compatible and that it was last updated on 5/23