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Far Cry 5 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


@Majklkiller if you want to make a request please go here:

or… see the requests list and see if it’s on the vote list:

Also here’s the request search to the game if you like to vote on it using your WePoints to get Vote Points to vote for it to be requested to get a trainer made.

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Verify files and make sure to run the game at least once after doing so.


Hmm Chris it seems to crash me after playing for around 5 to 10 mins… I wonder if I did the same with Verifying my files and run it once to see if that might fix it. Worth a shot right?


Ya that always works verifying files. Start game first without infinity


yeah @ptondo I might do that tomz, I’m so tired it’s 2:44 am here, I’m off to bed. I’ll let you know how I go tomorrow.


Doing some tests today to see about that untimely crashes within using the WeMod Farcry 5 Trainer after 5-10 mins of gameplay. I’ll post the results soon.


Crashing Hard. Idk someone have any idea’s. Thanks :slight_smile:


every time i try and use this it says failed to start or failed to find can anyone help cuz im having trouble finding a solution


Mine works for a short time then it terminates out back to main screen of my computer. So idk what’s going on.


yea DLC broke the trainer i believe


Trainer still works.


hmm ok thats odd it wasnt earlier. guess my game was just broken


Just downloaded latest DLC, the Mars one, Game crashes hard, seconds after start.
Never get to enter the game, as soon as the game starts loading logos, it crashes.


I haven’t even got the dlc’s and it crashes hard after 15 mins play. No idea…


Verifying the local files then launching through infinity worked for me once, but I think you have to do it every time you play.


Did not workfor me


Start the game through infinity, let it crash, go to steam, verify game files, wait for the missing files to be re-downloaded, start game through infinity again.

This process worked for me.


Yeah, i understood what you mean, and in uplay, with the latest Mars DLC, this ‘trick’ doesn’t seem to work.


Far Cry 5 unsupported version error just now.


its only loading nothing happening