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Far Cry 5 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


What is only loading? The cheats work after the Mars dlc update.


Can there be a update on a solution to fix Far Cry 5 crashing after 5 mins (with/without) dlc’s please so it can be clarified to others that are having issues? Cheers in advanced


I’m having no issues with it crashing my game regardless if I’m playing the DLC or base game.


Hmm wth then I started my Farcry 5 5 mins ago and it crashed so I gave up on it. what is happening with this game on my computer. If it keeps crashing me I’m about to lose my sh*t


Actually what modifications did the trainer do to make it stop bugging and work? Like some features being turned off ect?


Today this Far Cry 5 cheat either errors with ‘unsupported version’ or ‘failed to download’. What do I have to do to get it running?


it works but sometimes it likes to play up and crash randomly when your trying to do a mission or fight one of the seed family members. I’ve about given up on this game and trainer until it stabilises and stops booting me off everytime I sneeze ingame


Hahaha. Ya me to i quit playing it too. Crashes for no reason half the time. Shoot the gun …crash !


Well my previous fix for me doesn’t work anymore. Now it just says failed to load cheats and then the game launches.


Trainer is working great for me, only the Unlimited Money cheat doesn’t work with the currency on the Mars DLC


but if EACLauncher.exe gets deleted the game just wont launch, and then infinity gives off the “unable to patch” error
basically if a trainer required EACLauncher.exe to be gone then no.

it just wont work


ugh it seems it works fine for everybody why is my game unbypassable?!


btw if this affects anything… im not running steam or uplay

im using the CPY crack, i would assume that the trainer would need the game to run through steam i just dont understand why… it should work


This trainer doesn’t worked for cracked versions, it bugs out if EAC is already disabled.


it wasn’t disabled, when i first ran the game with a trainer EAC would automatically close the game on me, probably cuz its not disabled
when i ran the bypass through, the trainer worked, but its a trainer that runs after you open the game, fling’s latest trainer had to be in the bin folder and had to be launched before the game, that didnt work, for some reason infinity wont work as well.


if it really wont work with a cracked version is there a way to make it CPY compatible?


I suggest you buy the game.


i’ll do that when i feel like wasting money


Ok well then have to find a different trainer then. This is for ubi n steam
No support here for cracks


i already have a working trainer although it just doesnt have as good as cheats as infinity’s :frowning: